Data & Research

Dig deeper into the provincial data which informs the decision-making process.

What you’ll find below

Welcome to the Data and Research section of our website, where we provide a transparent and detailed overview of the extensive data and analyses underpinning the redevelopment of our hospital facilities. Here, you will find key information about the projected needs of our community, the outcomes of our extensive stakeholder consultations, and the empirical research that guides our planning and decision-making processes. This section serves as a resource to understand the evidence-based approach we are taking to ensure that our new healthcare facilities will meet the future needs of Muskoka, East Parry Sound, and the surrounding areas, enhancing service delivery and patient care through innovative health system design.

More to come!

Thank you for your patience as we compile more of this extensive information into a web-friendly format! Check back here often to view some of the data behind our decision making process as soon as we can get it ready for you.