Listening and Consultation Continues at MAHC

February 23, 2024

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is sharing an update on the commitment to take the time needed to reconsider the hospital redevelopment proposal presented during a series of community meetings in January and February. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the dialogue, asked questions and provided suggestions.

The Board of Directors has not approved a future model of care. Direction from the Board to date has been to engage with stakeholders including staff, physicians and volunteers, patients and families, and the broader community to hear their views. The Board will not be approving a recommendation on a future model of care at its next scheduled meeting in March 2024. We want our communities to be clear that no decisions are being made for quite some time. Our primary focus is continued consultation to reach the best possible model of care for the future. We are committed to our promise to take all the time that is needed to meet with our stakeholders, to listen to feedback, and make adjustments.

This past week, we met with nursing staff that signed up to participate in roundtable consultation on the model. During the meeting, nurses openly expressed their concerns, asked their questions, and discussed ideas with the Senior Leadership Team and Project Team. We explained that we are also open to continue meeting with other nursing staff who want to participate in future discussions.

We were invited to attend a meeting of physicians and midwives that was organized by the Credentialed Staff Association to continue discussions about the proposed model. We listened to their discussion on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the redevelopment proposal. That same day, a group of South Muskoka physicians publicly released the “Care Close to Home” proposal. The Senior Leadership Team and Project Team has received the proposal and appreciates the time and effort invested. We are committed to continuing to work with all credentialed staff on ideas and solutions for a two-sited hospital model that will serve all Muskoka and area communities in the future. In the coming weeks, a further meeting is being organized to continue discussions with physicians and midwives.

Discussions with the leadership of the four bargaining units/unions has been organized in March, and preliminary planning is underway to meet with area mayors and the Chair of the District of Muskoka to discuss their concerns.

Our goal is to develop an affordable solution for all communities served by the hospitals that ensures enhanced quality care that our hospitals can sustain. Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is confident that by working together there will be a way forward to building the future healthcare system for Muskoka and area.

Continued communication updates will be provided on a weekly basis to keep our team members and communities informed. We appreciate the contributions of everyone who has engaged with us to date.