Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare Launches New Website and Shares Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

April 19, 2024

Muskoka, Ontario, April 19, 2024

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) is pleased to announce the launch of its new microsite dedicated to the proposed health system and the sharing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This initiative underscores MAHC’s commitment to transparency, community engagement, and the delivery of safe, high-quality healthcare services.

The microsite serves as a comprehensive resource hub, providing stakeholders and the public with detailed information about the historical background, meticulous planning process, stringent safety and quality care considerations, and future direction of the capital redevelopment project. Additionally, it will host over 40 FAQs addressing common queries and concerns raised by the community.

“At MAHC, we prioritize and value open communication and collaboration with our stakeholders,” said Cheryl Harrison, Chief Executive Officer at MAHC. “The launch of this microsite and the sharing of our FAQs represent significant milestones in our ongoing efforts to engage with the community and ensure transparency throughout the capital redevelopment process.”

Continued stakeholder engagement remains a priority for MAHC, with ongoing discussions helping to shape the functionality and design of the proposed redevelopment. The microsite will serve as a platform for stakeholders to stay informed, review data and research, and learn more about next steps in the planning process.

“We are committed to fostering meaningful dialogue and incorporating community input into our planning efforts,” added Harrison. “By launching this microsite and sharing our FAQs, we aim to address concerns, provide clarity, and empower our community to be partners in the future of healthcare delivery in Muskoka.”

The microsite is now live and accessible to the public at MAHC encourages community members, stakeholders, and interested parties to visit the microsite and explore the wealth of information available around the proposed new health system for Muskoka and area.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:
Bobbie Clark (she/her)
Director, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
T: 705.789.2311 x 2711